Jeziorany radio show (since 1960, Poland)

Original title

W Jezioranach

Episode time

30 minutes



Jeziorany 1960 reviewJeziorany radio show

Set in fictitious village of Jeziorany near Pulawy in Poland the radio show tells the story of Jablonski family, their neighbours, relatives, friends and local folklore. Just like many other soap operas it shows every day problems that occur in small community in rural area (similar to f.e. The Archers).

Jeziorany (Polish title W Jezioranach literally means In Jeziorany) was devised in 1960 as counter-weight for other radio soap opera, The Matysiaks (broadcasted since 1956). While The Matysiaks were set in Polish capital, Warsaw, in typical urban working class environment Jeziorany were suppose to appeal to more rural part of the society and show how their lives look like. Of course it did not actually worked as it was planned, since a lot of urban areas population was also looking for entertainment that give the feeling of being closer to nature.

Although Jeziorany is typical soap opera, it was never associated with any form of commercial advertising (in communist times there was no such thing as commercial ads in radio) and also the creators made one rule that made it stand out - the character in Jeziorany dies (or is written out) together with the actor that is playing it, so there were no cases in which any character would be taken over by another actor.

Creators of Jeziorany

Zofia Posmysz-Piasecka radio shows


Wladyslaw Milczarek radio shows


Cast of Jeziorany

Zygmunt Kestowicz radio shows

as Stefan Jabłoński

Bogumil Klodkowski radio shows

as Edek Jabłoński

Janusz Klosinski radio shows

as Józef Jabłoński

Kazimierz Opalinski radio shows

as grandpa Mateusz

Wanda Majerowna radio shows

as Irena Jabłońska

Hanna Stankowna radio shows

as Janka Jabłońska

Artur Barcis radio shows

as Zenek Kajfasz

Franciszek Pieczka radio shows

as Wojciaszek Pawlacz

Danuta Stenka radio shows

as Jola Jabłońska

Henryk Talar radio shows

as Janusz Tetera

Bogusz Bilewski radio shows

as doctor Ragólski

Lucjan Dytrych radio shows

as Władysław Borek

Marek Frackowiak radio shows

as Wiesław Sroka

Maria Garbowska radio shows

as Teresa Borkowa

Halina Gluszkowna radio shows

as Wanda Janiakówna

Andrzej Zaorski radio shows

as Bolek Jabłoński

Krzysztof Kolbasiuk radio shows

as Zbigniew Półtorak

Gustaw Lutkiewicz radio shows

as Polikarp Lepieszko

Jan Matyjaszkiewicz radio shows

as Henio Wilczewski

Elzbieta Nowosad radio shows

as Krysia Borkówna

Janusz Paluszkiewicz radio shows

as Wiktor Kania

Grzegorz Wons radio shows

as Zygmunt Pawlacz

Ewa Serwa radio shows

as Justyna Kajfasz

Trivia about Jeziorany

Real place called Jeziorany

Although there is a town called Jeziorany (population around 3000, near Olsztyn in Polish lake district) it has nothing to do with the place presented in radio show.

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Forced hiatus

Although the soap opera is continuously on air since 1960 there was a forced hiatus since December 1981 until May 1983 (when Martial law was declared in Poland by falling communist party), during that period no new episodes were produced.

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