Space Patrol radio show (1952-1955, United States)

Episode time

30 minutes



Space Patrol 1952 reviewSpace Patrol radio show

Set in 30th-century Space Patrol tells the adventures of Buzz Corry, commander-in-chief of the United Planets Space Patrol as he, together with his crew, patrols the space lanes. His sidekick Cadet Happy helps him to face the villains lurking in the far corners of the universe. Doctor Ryland Scarno, master criminal, is the arch-enemy of Buzz Corry, always scheming to finally defeat the Space Patrol and succeed in his diabolical aspirations.

Space Patrol was devised as children and teens radio show in 1952 after successful run as television programme. At the beginning the single purpose Space Patrol was to keep the space lanes safe, but with time the show evolved into an intergalactic space police force charged with keeping the peace with Buzz Corry as the captain of spaceship called Terra.

Radio version of the show was brodcast twice a week using the same set of actors and writers that gave success to the television version, also the audience have broadened and apart from children and teens also lots of adults tuned in to join the Space Patrol.

Space Patrol radio showSpace Patrol 1952 old time radio

Space Patrol episodes

The Hole in Empty Space
The City of the Sun
The Queen of Space
The Giant Bubble
The Electronic Burglar
The Space Shark
The Search for Asteroid X
The Lady from Venus
The Last Voyage of the Lonesome Lena
The Brain Bank and the Space Binoculars

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