2000 Plus radio show (1950-1952, United States)

Episode time

30 minutes



2000 Plus 1950 review2000 Plus radio show

Radio science fiction drama series containing different story in each episode. It was the first science fiction radio show for adult audience (preceding the Dimension X by only a month) and unlike Dimension X this show was using mostly new scripts rather than well known or already published novels or short stories. Unfortunately while Dimension X was attracting top sci fi writers of the era (like Isaac Asimov, Robert Bloch, Ray Bradbury, Donald A. Wollheim) the original scripts of 2000 Plus were rather inferior offer.

The show was broadcasted from March 1950 until the end of 1951 season with over 80 episodes all together.

2000 Plus episodes

The Men From Mars
When Machines Went Mad
When Worlds Met
The Insect
The Other Man
The Brooklyn Brain
Space Wreck
A Veteran Comes Home
The Green Thing
The Giant Walks

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