Fort Laramie radio show (1956, United States)

Episode time

30 minutes



Fort Laramie 1956 reviewFort Laramie radio show

Western show about 400 cavalry officers in Fort Laramie, in charge of keeping under control 4,000 Sioux warriors in nearby Indian reservation. Captain Lee Quince does not always agree with his superior, Major Daggett, but here, in the Old West, the life is hard enough without looking for reason to fight. Besides Daggart’s niece, Terrie Lawson, shows interest in Quince, which puts the young officer in sometimes awkward situation. Apart from the soldiers the civilians visit or stay in the fort, which sometimes makes the life even harder.

The show, although was set in 19th century Wyoming, concentrated on not on the big scale matters, but rather the human stories and how hard the life could have been for the settlers in the Old West. The plots were usually built around everyday problems in the fort or vicinity, which was a little unusual aspect since most of the western shows of the era were concentrating more on the action rather than spectacular plots.

Creators of Fort Laramie

John Meston radio shows


Les Crutchfield radio shows


John Dunkel radio shows


Kathleen Hite radio shows


Cast of Fort Laramie

Raymond Burr radio shows

as Captain Lee Quince

Vic Perrin radio shows

as Sergeant Gorse

Harry Bartell radio shows

as Lieutenant Seiberts

Jack Moyles radio shows

as Major Ned Daggett

Howard McNear radio shows

as Pliny

Sam Edwards radio shows

as Trooper Harrison

John Dehner radio shows

as various

John McIntire radio shows

as various

Barney Phillips radio shows

as various

Parley Baer radio shows

as various

Virginia Gregg radio shows

as various

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