The Matysiaks radio show (since 1956, Poland)

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25 minutes



The Matysiaks 1956 reviewThe Matysiaks radio show

Matysiak family lives in a flat on Dobra Street in Warsaw, they are not wealthy, they live a typical life of working class family, they have the typical problems any other family can have.

The Matysiaks was devised unlike typical soap operas - the convention devised by Jerzy Janicki was more "fly on the wall" approach, so the listeners would have the feeling that the microphones are set up in constant places around the flat of the Matysiak family. What is more the family is fully aware of the microphones and sometimes even break the third wall to speak directly to the audience (f.e. to invite them for another episode). Also the episodes were written just day or two before recording, so the characters could address the current events or express the atmosphere among the society caused by current events.

With time over 250 actors (and counting) took part in The Matysiaks, unlike other Polish long-running soap opera Jeziorany, some of them took over part that was for some reason left by previous actor (most likely because of death of that actor, but sometimes, during the fall of communism in Poland, they were also political).

Although The Matysiaks have all the features of typical soap operas it was never attached to any form of commercial advertising - during communist era there was no such thing as commercial ads on the Polish radio and later the show sticked to that rule.

Creators of The Matysiaks

Jerzy Janicki radio shows


Cast of The Matysiaks

Andrzej Fedorowicz radio shows

as Eugeniusz Matysiak

Jerzy Bonczak radio shows

as Eugeniusz Matysiak

Stefan Friedmann radio shows

as Eugeniusz Matysiak

Tadeusz Borowski radio shows

as Stanisław Matysiak

Janusz Bukowski radio shows

as Stanisław Matysiak

Wieslaw Drzewicz radio shows

as Krzysztoń

Tadeusz Fijewski radio shows

as Wojciech Grzelak

Tadeusz Janczar radio shows

as Stanisław Matysiak

Barbara Klimkiewicz radio shows

as Elżbieta Matysiak

Ludmila Laczynska radio shows

as Jadwiga Matysiak

Slawomira Lozinska radio shows

as Dorota Matysiak

Ewa Kania radio shows

as Dorota Matysiak

Rafal Kobylinski radio shows

as Piotr Matysiak

Wanda Luczycka radio shows

as Stefania Fraczak

Jacek Rozenek radio shows

as Piotr Matysiak

Witold Skaruch radio shows

as uncle Kostek

Jarema Stepowski radio shows

as Kalbarczyk

Czeslaw Wollejko radio shows

as Antoni Borkiewicz

Jerzy Tkaczyk radio shows

as Zygmunt Kotlarz

Joanna Jedryka radio shows

as Elżbieta Szymucha

Justyna Sienczyllo radio shows

as Halina Rączkówna

Marek Siudym radio shows

as Edward Klimczuk

Trivia about The Matysiaks

True address... sort of

Although Dobra Street does exist in Warsaw (show creator Jerzy Janicki lived there), the address 21 Dobra Street named in the show does not - Dobra Street does not have uneven numbers 21, 23 and 25 (there is a roundabout in place they would be placed).

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1997 Central European flood controversy

The Matysiaks episodes are usually written day or two before recording to keep the show up to date with current events, but in 1997 massive flood in Central Europe was not included in the show causing some concern among audience. The reason was rather trivial - the flood took place during the summer, when most of the cast was having vacation and those particular episodes were pre-recorded earlier, before the flood began.

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