The Mysterious Traveler radio show (1943-1952, United States)

Episode time

30 minutes



The Mysterious Traveler 1943 reviewThe Mysterious Traveler radio show

The Mysterious Traveler was anthology radio series that each week presented different story told by the eponymous character, a Mysterious Traveler, who by train arrived to tell the creepy events that took place. He was the narrator, who linked the stories together, but even if he took part in stories themselves, he was only used to underline the horror, mystery and supernatural elements.

The series was created by Robert Arthur Jr and David Kogan, who put together a mixture of elements that kept the audience on the edge of the seat.

The Mysterious Traveler episodes

House of Death
The Good Die Young
Stranger In The House
Out of the Past
Beware of Tomorrow
The Accusing Corpse
The Queen Of The Cats
Death Laughs Last
The Man Insects Hated
They Who Sleep

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Creators of The Mysterious Traveler

Robert Arthur Jr radio shows


David Kogan radio shows


Cast of The Mysterious Traveler

Maurice Tarplin radio shows

as narrator

Jackson Beck radio shows

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Lon Clark radio shows

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Luis van Rooten radio shows

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Ann Shepherd radio shows

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Santos Ortega radio shows

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Lawson Zerbe radio shows

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Bill Zuckert radio shows

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William Johnstone radio shows

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Jan Miner radio shows

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Frank Readick radio shows

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