Murder at Midnight radio show (1946-1947, United States)

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Murder at Midnight 1946 reviewMurder at Midnight radio show

Murder at Midnight was old time radio series produced in 1946, that was aiming to recreate the style and atmosphere of Inner Sanctum Mystery by mixing elements of horror, mystery, supernatural and macabre. They got the talented set of authors (including Robert Newman, who in past worked on Inner Sanctum, Max Ehrlich who worked on Suspense), cast regulars were impressive (like Mercedes McCambridge, Lawson Zerbe or Elspeth Eric), yet... Inner Sanctum it wasn’t.

While the atmosphere was there, the scripts were a bit uneven - some of them were on par with Inner Sanctum, but others told rather outlandish tales of macabre that, even with support of Charles Paul’s dramatic organ music in the background, seemed just too out and on a verge of being a parody. Some of the episodes, especially those kept more down to earth, were pretty good, but while series took detours into supernatural themes usually the level of the show dropped.

In total 50 episodes were produced, but after one year on the air the show was scrapped.

Murder at Midnight episodes

The Dead Hand
Man Who Was Death
The Secret of XR3
Wherever I Go
Trigger Man
Deaths Goblet
The Heavy Death
The Dead Come Back
Terror Out Of Space

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