Poszepszynski Family radio show (1972-1988, Poland)

Original title

Rodzina Poszepszyńskich

Episode time

30 minutes



Poszepszynski Family 1972 reviewPoszepszynski Family radio show

The Poszepszynski family is not typical family, but in many ways it is - grandpa Jacek spends his days reminiscent about his times in the army during the Russo-Japanese War that he spent in Manchuria and bores everyone around with stories from his past, his daughter Maryla works in dissecting-room and takes care of the home (sort-of takes care), her husband Grzegorz is a hard working... well, working man, and their child, son Maurycy, is on a verge of being classic case of pyromania. Their life is not easy, their life is not exciting, their life is full of events that can hardly be called usual.

Poszepszynski Family was created as parody of popular radio soap opera, The Matysiaks. While the Matysiak family represented all the typical working class characters and situations Poszepszynski family was the complete opposite - nothing in their life was ordinary, nothing was typical, nothing was as you would expect it to be. The humour was drawn from the fact that they were at the bottom of society, their decisions and things that happened to them were so unusual, but also through the absurd and a bit dark sense of humour of the authors.

The show was presented in 6 series between 1972 and 1998, but they were divided rather chaotically - first series contained 36 episodes, second 21, third only 4 (due to introduction of Martial law in Poland caused by the fall of communist system), fourth was made after few years of hiatus with only 5 episodes, while fifth contained 60 and sixth again only 4 episodes. Death of one of the creators, Jacek Janczarski, in 2000 finally closed the story of Poszepszynski family.

Creators of Poszepszynski Family

Maciej Zembaty radio shows


Jacek Janczarski radio shows


Cast of Poszepszynski Family

Maciej Zembaty radio shows

as Maurycy Poszepszyński

Piotr Fronczewski radio shows

as Grzegorz Poszepszyński

Hanna Okuniewicz radio shows

as Maryla Poszepszyńska

Jan Kobuszewski radio shows

as Jacek Poszepszyński

Krystyna Sienkiewicz radio shows

as Inga

Ryszard Pracz radio shows

as Wlodek

Witold Skaruch radio shows

as Wlodek

Ewa Blaszczyk radio shows

as Gertruda Czaja

Barbara Wrzesinska radio shows

as Sylwia

Stefan Friedmann radio shows

as Blind Leon

Krzysztof Kowalewski radio shows

as Blind Leon

Teresa Lipowska radio shows

as Bozenka

Jan Matyjaszkiewicz radio shows

as replacement grandpa

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