Navy Lark radio show (1959-1975, United Kingdom)

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Navy Lark 1959 reviewNavy Lark radio show

HMS Troutbridge is one of many warships guarding waters around Great Britain, but there is something different about that particular frigate. The crew of Troutbridge is constantly keeping the command on their toes - either through their natural reluctance to take up any work, incompetence or just sheer bad luck they end up in trouble on each and every mission (at least when they manage to actually leave the port). The superiors of Lieutenant Phillips just adapt to simple rule: if it ain’t broken don’t fix, if it is broken the crew of HMS Troutbridge had something to do with it. The crew itself is full of colourful characters from their commander, Sub Lieutenant Phillips, who is the oldest ship commander of such low rank and not without reason (his most sophisticated orders are "steer left hand a little bit"). Chief Petty Officer Pertwee is constantly keeping an eye on his various businesses and schemes, which does not leave him a lot of time to actually take care of the ship (unless that would be more profitable). Even lower rank sailor could create quite a havoc on any given day.

Lawrie Wyman created 3 radio series with "Lark" in the title, after Navy Lark he also written Embassy Lark and Big Business Lark that were similar in style. Navy Lark had a long and successful run (from 1959 to 1976), cast filled with great comedians (f.e. Ronnie Barker) and good scripts (although some of them were presenting rather "army humour" style). Of course with such long run some of the episodes were a bit below par, but overall it is still popular in United Kingdom (still episodes are being repeated on BBC Radio) and considered a evergeen classic among British radio shows.

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Listen to Navy Lark

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