It’s Higgins, Sir radio show (1951, United States)

Episode time

30 minutes



It’s Higgins, Sir 1951 reviewIt’s Higgins, Sir radio show

Radio comedy show that had a short run in 1951 as summer replacement for The Bob Hope Show. Unfortunately 1950s were not the best times for American comedy - it was the time when American society was beginning to live the American dream riding their new car, using their new washing machine, spend time in front of their new TV. And It’s Higgins, Sir is part of that dream - perfect family with two children, husband works hard at the office, wife stays at home and takes care of the dinner. All of this is superficial and stress-free world which made the series seem very dull. There were some better moments, but to be honest Harry McNaughton sounds like a man who pretends to be British rather than real British (that he was) and the family is too perfect and too unreal to be taken seriously.

The show had a short lifespan and soon was forgotten, and not without a reason to be honest.

Listen to It’s Higgins, Sir

Listen to It’s Higgins, Sir

Creators of It’s Higgins, Sir

Paul Harrison radio shows


Cast of It’s Higgins, Sir

Harry McNaughton radio shows

as Higgins

Peggy Allenby radio shows

as Mrs Roberts

Vinton Hayworth radio shows

as Mr Roberts

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