Hancock’s Half Hour radio show (1954-1959, United Kingdom)

Episode time

30 minutes



Hancock’s Half Hour 1954 reviewHancock’s Half Hour radio show

Classic British radio comedy show about misadventures of comedian Tony Hancock, who each week takes part in different story, but there are only two things that never change in his life - he is constantly haunted by bad luck and he falls for the Sid’s shady schemes even though he knows nothing good can come out of it.

Success of the radio Hancock’s Half Hour was later turned into success of TV adaptation that is today considered to be first modern TV sitcom, although the term "modern sitcom" is not actually defined.

The formula of the show was simple - Tony Hancock, down on his luck, living in dilapidated house, often against his will or better judgment, gets involved in money-making schemes of Sid James, who usually is smart enough to avoid consequences.

Radio show ran for 6 seasons between 1954 and 1959.

Hancock’s Half Hour radio showHancock’s Half Hour 1954 old time radio

Hancock’s Half Hour radio showHancock’s Half Hour 1954 old time radio

Listen to Hancock’s Half Hour

Listen to Hancock’s Half Hour

Hancock’s Half Hour episodes

Around the World in 80 Days
Hancock’s School
The Americans Hit Town
The Election Candidate
The Insurance Policy
The Male Suffragettes
The Publicity Photograph
The Unexploded Bomb

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