Embassy Lark radio show (1966-1968, United Kingdom)

Episode time

30 minutes



Embassy Lark 1966 reviewEmbassy Lark radio show

After success of Navy Lark Lawrie Wyman created spin-offs kept in similar style - one was Embassy Lark and the other was Big Business Lark. Embassy Lark was set in the fictional country of Tratvia, where British Ambassador Sir Jeremy Crichton-Buller and his right hand First Secretary Henry Pettigrew are trying hard to avoid stepping on any toes. The relations with Tratvia officials are rather cordial, but embassies of China, United States and Soviet Union are located in same building, which makes it hard to keep anything secret. Nevertheless Crichton-Buller and Pettigrew are doing their best to promote British interests in Tratvia.

Embassy Lark was in a small way similar to Men from the Ministry showing the stories behind the politics and diplomacy, it was kept in style of Navy Lark, but the show was concentrated rather around the atmosphere and interactions between characters than jokes or well developed plots. Nevertheless it was interesting show that had some good moments to offer.

Creators of Embassy Lark

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Cast of Embassy Lark

Frank Thornton radio shows

as Henry Pettigrew

Derek Francis radio shows

as Sir Jeremy Crichton-Buller

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