Lux Radio Theatre radio show (1934-1955, United States)

Original title

Lux Radio Theater

Episode time

60 minutes



Lux Radio Theatre 1934 reviewLux Radio Theatre radio show

Backed by the Lux Soap brand Lux Radio Theatre started broadcasting from New York City in 1934. Anthology radio shows were very popular, but Lux Radio Theatre had one gimmick that made them stand out from the crowd - they did not use original scripts, they did not adapt classics, they did not dig up unknown short stories, they used the Broadway plays. It was original idea - Broadway plays were turned into radio shows and broadcasted throughout the United States, but after two seasons the concept has changed. The famous film director and produced Cecil B. DeMille became the host of the show, the production was moved to Los Angeles and the scripts has changed. Now, instead of Broadway plays Lux Radio Theatre was adapting Hollywood movies and used Hollywood stars to voice the characters. For example in 1939 Edward G. Robinson and Humphrey Bogart re-enacted their parts from the 1936 gangster movie Bullets or Ballots, in 1946 Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall took part in adaptation of To Have and Have Not 1944 film that they also starred in. But Lux Radio Theatre managed to find bigger stars to play on the radio version that played in the films, like in adaptation of 1937 musical Wake Up and Live parts played by Jack Haley and Alice Faye, were in 1944 voiced by Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Maxwell.

For over 20 years Lux Radio Theatre was providing high quality entertainment based on Broadway plays and Hollywood movies, performed by the top stars of the era. Among genre that were broadcasted were dramas, comedies, mystery and suspense. Overall 926 episodes were broadcasted.

Lux Radio Theatre episodes

Practically Yours
The Enchanted Cottage
Christmas Holiday
Mr Skeffington
Roughly Speaking
A Medal for Benny
Affairs of Susan
Destry Rides Again
Guest in the House
Keys of the Kingdom

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