Whitehall 1212 radio show (1951-1952, United States)

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Whitehall 1212 1951 reviewWhitehall 1212 radio show

Title Whitehall 1212 refers to phone number of Scotland Yard, because even though it was fully American radio show all of the scripts (supposedly) were based on true crime cases from Scotland Yard archives. Hosted by Chief Superintendent John Davidson, who actually was curator of the Black Museum, a collection of memorabilia kept in the Scotland Yard, each week show was presenting different case, most of which were in later years proved to be actual true crime stories.

Actually there was also a radio show called The Black Museum, hosted by Orson Wells, which was based on more or less same set of cases, but the two shows had slightly different approach. In Whitehall 1212 whole story was told from perspective of policemen, who try to solve the case, while The Black Museum was trying to recreate the crime itself and wonder into the dark corners of killer’s mind.

In total 44 episodes were produced, which were broadcasted between November 1951 and September 1952.

Whitehall 1212 episodes

Blitz Murder Case
The Fonier Case
The Murder Of Duncan Frazier
The Man Who Murdered His Wife
The Heathrow Affair
The Murder Of Charles Brooks
Casmere Is Murdered
Case Of Donald Simms
Murder Of Little Philip Avery
Peter Williams Case
Case Of Arthur Freeman
Case Of The Late Mrs Harvey
Murder Of Peter Amory
Murder Of Margery Ashley
Case Of Dr Duncan Allen
Case Of Thomas Appelbee
Case Of The Black Gladstone Bag
Murder Of A Bloody Belguin
Case Of The Fatal Bath
Case Of Mrs Minerva Bannamon
Case Of Franchesca Nicholson
Case Of William George Greenly
Case Of Margery Tate
Case Of Sidney Wolfe
Case Of Maggie Ralenson
Case Of Winfred Hog
Case Of The Strange Bondfire
Case Of The Homemade Handbag
Murder Of Mrs Ann Battersby
The Case Of The Weed Eradicati
Murder Of Mr Sweet
Case Of The Ankush
Case Of The Unidentified Woman
Case Of The Magenta Blotting Pad
Murder Of Nora Brady
Case Of The Missing Clarinet
Case Of Dugel Henry
Murder Of Lady Madge Johnson
Case Of The Madden Family
Case Of The Eaton Brothers
Case Of The Winchester Bottles
Case Of The Inoperative Wireless
Case Of The Electric Torch

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