The Story of Dr Kildare radio show (1950-1951, United States)

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30 minutes



The Story of Dr Kildare 1950 reviewThe Story of Dr Kildare radio show

Blair General Hospital, where life begins, where life ends, where life goes on. Doctor James Kildare is young talented surgeon, who works there together with his mentor, experienced and sometimes cynical Doctor Leonard Gillespie. Every day they face the complicated cases of their patients, but while Gillespie, after long years of practice, tries to be pragmatic about it, Kildare can’t help going beyond just medical help. He often gets involved in the private lives of his patients to solve their problems where the medicine can’t help them any more.

After few 1930s movies about Dr Kildare MGM produced the radio series based on the characters of Kildare and Gillespie, that was broadcast from February 1950 to late 1951. In radio show Lionel Barrymore and Lew Ayres repeated the roles they played in the movies, Barrymore as cranky Doctor Gillespie, Ayres as idealistic Doctor Kildare. The show was mixture of drama and comedy, the patient cases usually involved difficult situations for the medical staff, while the constant battles between Gillespie and Nurse Parker brought the comedy elements.

Despite the popularity of radio show in early 1952 MGM decided to kill the project and replace it with television series. Ayres was approached to play the part of Kildare as he takes over practice from Gillespie, but Ayres felt that it would be inappropriate to make medical show that would have tobacco companies as the sponsors. Studio refused to choose different sponsors and the project collapsed. At least until 1960s when another TV series, Dr. Kildare, starring Richard Chamberlain and Raymond Massey became successor of The Story of Dr Kildare.

The Story of Dr Kildare episodes

Angela And Steven Kester
Marjorie Northrup
Benjamin Barkley
Rico Marchiano’s Dying Wife
Vernon Pendleton - Hypondriac
Barbara Lane, Dope Addict
Caroline Shelley
Jane Dane, New Cancer Treatment
Warren Jackson’s Allergy
Terry Murphy’s Hearing Problem
Philip Van Court’s Amnesia
Abandoned Baby
Kildare’s Old Girlfriend
Nurse Parker Resigns
Dr Carew’s Fat Wife
Dick Brennan Steals $5,000 (Or $50,000)
Colonel Boregard’s Paralysis
Gordon Mallory’s Lead Poinsoning
Pricilla’s Broken Arm
Dr Gillespie Almost Gets Engaged
Hunting Trip
Dan Malloy’s Peptic Ulcer
Mrs Stanford’s Angina Pecturis
Buffalo Barnie McClure
Appendicitis Operation at Sea
Carew Gets Medical Examiner Mixed Up
Marion Lewis, Teen Age Alcholic
Sam Lubinski Has Spinal Paralysis
Mumpkin’s First Baby
Eddie Jenkins And The Arsonist
Ling Co Fruses Leg Surgery
Mr. Bradley’s Heart
Mr. Kramer-Parker Needs A Hobby
Lady Dunabee’s Annual Visit
Arthur Morgan Needs Brain Surgery
David Norton Has Pneumonia
Eddie Lazetti Kidnaps Nurse
Dr Gillespie’s Testimonal Dinner
Dr Conlon, Quack
Joe Finley’s Ulcer
Oliver Van Meter’s Allergy
Anthrax Infection
Pete Cosloff Is Mentally Ill
Buck Houston, Cowboy Star
David Cooper’s Burned Face
Edward Carlton’s Dog Bite
Amy Dickens Breaks Her Leg
Cathy Morton’s Baby
Joan Quinn
Gillespie’s New Suit For Henderson Award
Yukon Joe’s Gold Mine
Mysterious Hemophilia Patient
Dr Gillespie’s New Office
Pedro, Maria And Rosei
Paul Bailey
Valerie And Walter Benton - Murder!
Evelyn Briggs
Robert Lane, Intern, Shirks Duties
Alice Bradley, Amnesia Victim

Creators of The Story of Dr Kildare

Max Brand radio shows


Cast of The Story of Dr Kildare

Lew Ayres radio shows

as Dr James Kildare

Lionel Barrymore radio shows

as Dr Leonard Gillespie

Virginia Gragg radio shows

as Nurse Parker

Ted Osborne radio shows

as Dr Carew

Jane Webb radio shows

as Mary Lamont

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