Space Patrol radio show (1952-1955, United States)

Episode time

30 minutes



Space Patrol 1952 reviewSpace Patrol radio show

Set in 30th-century Space Patrol tells the adventures of Buzz Corry, commander-in-chief of the United Planets Space Patrol as he, together with his crew, patrols the space lanes. His sidekick Cadet Happy helps him to face the villains lurking in the far corners of the universe. Doctor Ryland Scarno, master criminal, is the arch-enemy of Buzz Corry, always scheming to finally defeat the Space Patrol and succeed in his diabolical aspirations.

Space Patrol was devised as children and teens radio show in 1952 after successful run as television programme. At the beginning the single purpose Space Patrol was to keep the space lanes safe, but with time the show evolved into an intergalactic space police force charged with keeping the peace with Buzz Corry as the captain of spaceship called Terra.

Radio version of the show was brodcast twice a week using the same set of actors and writers that gave success to the television version, also the audience have broadened and apart from children and teens also lots of adults tuned in to join the Space Patrol.

Space Patrol radio showSpace Patrol 1952 old time radio

Space Patrol episodes

The Hole in Empty Space
The City of the Sun
The Queen of Space
The Giant Bubble
The Electronic Burglar
The Space Shark
The Search for Asteroid X
The Lady from Venus
The Last Voyage of the Lonesome Lena
The Brain Bank and the Space Binoculars
The Sleep Walker
The Scavenger of Space
The Top Secret D-Ray
Crash Landing
The Mysterious Meteor
The Moon Beetles
The Strange Gift of the New Star
The Seed Crystals of Zeldabran
The Magic Space Pictures
The Caverns of Venus
The Forgotten City
The Vanishing Lake
The Prisoners of Pluto
The Venus Space Factory
The Cosmic Ray Detector
The Secret of Sub-Level 7
Treachery in Outer Space
The Immortal Brain
The Indestructible Germ
The Treasure of Planetoid 60
The Winged Spies of Venus
The Sleeping Demon of Saturn
Trouble Aboard the Super Nova
Peril over Jupiter
The Menace of Planet X
The Trap on Planet X
The Valley of Dread
Escape from Planet X
The Spies from Planet X
Target Jupiter
Return to Planet X
On the Ice Cap of Planet X
Rescue from Planet X
The Secret of the Dargo Ruins
The Iron Eaters of Planet X
Cyclone in Outer Space
Under the Sea of Planet X
The Sea Monster of Planet X
The Revolt of the Space Rats
The Revolt of the Space Rats
The Lost Condor
The Venus Tulanium Mystery
The Lost Dimension
The Wistful Wizard of Neptune's Moon
In the Claw of Venus
The Exiles from Denebola
The Martian Masquerade
The Treasure of Mount Rolcab
Conquest of Dargeeda
Revenge of Dr Yeager
The Visitor from Galaxy 9
The Serpent of Saturn
The Gems of Jupiter
Test for Survival
The Secret of Dr Borodeck
The Zero Ray
The Super Brain of Volmer Castro
The Test of the XK3
The Image of Evil
The Phantom Visitor
The Wreck of the Black Star
Captain Hackett's Planetoid
The Capture of the Red Falcon
The Strange Voyager
The Red Demon of Venus
The Mystery of the Masked Martians
The Tattooed Atom
The Cavern of Fear
Race Against Time
The Robot of Bor Kenna
Trial by Terror
Supersensitive Star Drive
The Galaxy Trade Association
The Journey To Troganak
The Counterfeit Atom
Formula for Crime
Shipment to Tiranna
Locating Tiranna
Design for Disaster
Prisoners of Tiranna
Invasion from Tiranna
The Voice from the Future
Visitor from Artrona
The Forbidden Planet
The Realm of the Robot
The Watchman of Wormak
The Frightened Robot
A Planet in Peril
The Invisible Enemy
The City of Hidden Doom
Escape from Neptune
Ambush in Space
Prison Planet
The Crown of Dargeeda
The Shadow of Chardu
Conquest of Dargeeda
The Hermit of Pluto
The Time Pirates
Voyage to the Future
The Monster from the Past
The Weed of Despair
The Fugitive from Tolarma

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