Radio Mystery Theater radio show (1974-1982, United States)

Original title

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Episode time

45 minutes



Radio Mystery Theater 1974 reviewRadio Mystery Theater radio show

Radio drama anthology created by Himan Brown, who during his long career directed more than 30,000 radio shows, including such series as Bulldog Drummond, Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, Grand Central Station and Inner Sanctum Mysteries. The series kept format similar to the classic shows of 1930s and 1940s (like The Mysterious Traveler and The Whistler), but despite having Mystery Theater in the title Brown introduced episodes containing scripts from other genre, like horror, science fiction, comedy, Western and even historical dramas.

Each episode of the show was introduced by narrator, E.G. Marshall, later actress Tammy Grimes, and closed with the same conclusion line, which was another homage to the classic mystery show of old time radio. Episodes were longer, about 45 minutes each, which allowed to deeper and more complicated storylines to be used. Well known actors from past, as well as upcoming stars, were taking part in episodes, like Mercedes McCambridge and Morgan Fairchild, Santos Ortega and John Lithgow to name few. CBS Radio Mystery Theater was a place, where aucience could listen to stars of the old time radio (f.e. Hans Conried, Agnes Moorehead) as well as people that were raising to stardom on TV (like Richard Crenna, Holland Taylor, Julie Newmar).

Radio Mystery Theater episodes

The Old Ones Are Hard to Kill
The Return of the Moresbys
The Bullet
Lost Dog
No Hiding Place
Honeymoon With Death
I Warn You Three Times
Cold Storage
Death Rides a Stallion
The Resident
Accounts Receivable
You Can Die Again
A Ring of Roses
The Girl Who Found Things
The Chinaman Button
Dead for a Dollar
A Very Old Man
And Nothing But The Truth
Deadly Honeymoon
Speak of the Devil
The Ring of Truth
Time and Again
Three Women
The Man Who Heard Voices
Mother Love
The Man Who Asked For Yesterday
Dead Ringer
A Ghostly Game of Death
The Sign of the Beast
Here Goes The Bride
The Lady Was a Tiger
After the Verdict
Conspiracy to Defraud
The Deadly Hour
Dead Mans Mountain
A Dream of Death
Dig Me Deeply
Under Grave Suspicion
A Lady Never Loses Her Head
The Walking Corpse
Blizzard of Terror
Sea Fever
The Walls of Jericho
The Horla
The Horse That Wasnt For Sale
The Edge of Death
A Choice of Witnesses
Out of Sight
Prognosis Negative
This Will Kill You
A Long Time To Die
The Sending
The Creature from the Swamp
The Thing in the Cave
A Sacrifice in Blood
A Little Night Murder
The Fall of the House of Usher
Sea of Troubles
Frankenstein Revisited
The Ghost at the Gate

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