Murder by Experts radio show (1949-1951, United States)

Episode time

30 minutes



Murder by Experts 1949 reviewMurder by Experts radio show

Murder by Experts was created by Robert Arthur Jr and David Kogan, who previously created hit show of similar nature, The Mysterious Traveler. In Murder by Experts they have concentrated mostly on murder and suspense stories, different in each episode, rather than creating one set of characters.

Among authors of the stories were leading writers of the detective and crime story genre, like two of the hosts of the show, John Dickson Carr and Brett Halliday. Comparing to other shows the Murder by Experts stories were usually oriented on human emotions side of the crimes, rather than gadgetry or fancy storytelling.

This radio show was such an immediate hit that it won the prestigious Edgar Award for the best radio drama in 1950, only being on the air for six months.

Murder by Experts episodes

Summer Heat
Two Coffins To Fill
Prescription for Murder
The Creeper
The Big Money
The Dark Island
Dig Your Own Grave
It’s Luck That Counts
Return Trip
I Dreamt I Died
The Unseeing Witness
The Case of the Missing Mind
Two Can Die as Cheaply as One
Three’s a Crowd

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