Grand Central Station radio show (1937-1954, United States)

Episode time

30 minutes



Grand Central Station 1937 reviewGrand Central Station radio show

Like every other train station Grand Central Station in New York City is a place where every day thousands of people rush to work, begin or end their holiday, travel in business or to deal with personal problems. Here is where their stories begin and here is where they can end. For us, the audience, Grand Central Station is a point in which every time we start the journey to learn someone life story.

Grand Central Station was a long-running drama show (sometimes described as light drama) that in each episode presented story of different people who arrive to New York City. For some of them it was a beginning of new life, for others a point in which they have to revalue their life or make a difficult decision. Through years the episode changed, some of them told romance stories, some others simple every day situations that might happen to everyone, but for all of them the train station was a starting point.

While the show contained a variety of different episodes and subject the style was drama, but nothing too deep or too complicated with the happy ending - typical drama show on a verge of being soap opera, although with different story in each episode and different cast it is far from being typical soap opera.

Grand Central Station radio showGrand Central Station 1937 old time radio

Grand Central Station episodes

Revenge for Two
Grandpa Crashes Through
We Want To Get Married
Larkspur to Feed the Soul
Christmas Program
Man I’ll Never See
Moon Blind
A Spray of Mignonette
Too Young To Understand
Miracle for Christmas
If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit

Cast of Grand Central Station

Jim Ameche radio shows
Hume Cronyn radio shows
Jack Arthur radio shows

as narrator

Stuart Metz radio shows

as narrator

Alexander Scourby radio shows

as narrator

Paul Stewart radio shows
Richard Kollmar radio shows
Staats Cotsworth radio shows
William Layton radio shows
Mason Adams radio shows

Trivia about Grand Central Station

Grand Central Terminal

Although the train station, as the title of the show suggests, is referred to as Grand Central Station, the official name is Grand Central Terminal.

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